Message from the President



Dear WDS family,

When I gave my speech at the annual meeting, my mission was to focus on creating opportunities for equity for women in leadership and life. Sharing my personal trials and tribulations, I envision us continuing to grow together, learning from, and supporting one another. A little over halfway through the year and I am proud to say that we started this important work. Recently partnering with the AAD, we invited all our sister societies to a think tank about women in leadership and opportunities for inclusivity and equity. The meeting was exciting, inspiring, and laid the groundwork for this important work. In the coming months we plan to bring opportunities for you to get involved in this work and to grow with us. 

On a personal note, I welcomed my little one, Olivia Sophia, and while the road to having her and the postpartum course were rocky to say the least, she is my own personal miracle. This reminds me that we need to celebrate one another and continue to discuss important issues such as infertility, fertility preservation, time management, and balancing work and personal life. I encourage us to continue the dialogue and grow together. 

So far this year, we are also continuing our Society’s important work. Our flagship mentorship program saw a robust number of fantastic applicants. The WDS Underrepresented in Medicine (UIM) Resident Aesthetic Research Mentorship Program awarded 6 recipients for 2023. Our first WDS-LaRoche Posay-Howard fellow completed her mentorship. The successful WDS Forum allowed for a unique experience of growing in leadership together with our industry partners. Ask anyone who attended it, it was amazing and transformational. At World Congress, we had a fantastic international leadership session led by Dr. Dodiuk-Gad celebrating the unique leadership lessons of our national and international female leaders.

Our community outreach programs are doing well with 37 TIPP Shelter Programs, 6 Play Safe Events, and 15 Coast-2-Coast Events completed. WDS volunteers helped set a Guiness World Record for skin screenings during La Roche Posay’s Melanoma Monday weekend! Finally, our journal saw a record number of submissions and continues to flourish under the new leadership of Editor Nanette Silverberg.

As you can see, WDS is strong and continuing to grow. We are committed to our vision, mission, and most importantly to you, our members. In closing, I pause for a moment to recognize all that is currently happening in the World and pray for the safety of our members, their loved ones, and for peace.

Jennifer Lucas, MD, MHCM
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus