Service Spotlight: Play Safe in the Sun - Chicago Triathlon

The WDS held another fantastic Play Safe in the Sun event chaired by Dr. Mariam Mafee the weekend of August 25th at the Chicago Triathlon. In total, 142 skin cancer screenings were performed by a group of 30 volunteers, composed of medical students, residents, fellows, and board-certified dermatologists. Over 6,000 packets of sunscreen were dispensed to the triathletes. Dr. Mafee credited the success of the event to the “WDS staff (shout out to Mary Baierl!) [who] were absolutely key in preparing and coordinating on the day of the event. It went so smoothly, and was truly so much fun!” Beyond the joy of meeting students and other dermatologists from around the city, Dr. Mafee stated, “The people we screened were so genuinely grateful for our time, it makes me want to do this event every year!”  The WDS puts on several of these large Play Safe in the Sun events each year, most recently held in Omaha, New York, and Chicago. These events are a fantastic way to get involved. If you are i

WDS Young Physician Spotlight Interview – Julia Baltz, MD

Interviewed by Stephanie Florez-Pollack, MD Julia Baltz, MD is a Fellowship trained Mohs surgeon with a special interest in nail diseases and nail surgery working in private practice in Rhode Island. She runs the yearly in person nail surgery course at the AAD and teaches residents and fellows in her nail clinic.  How did you become involved in the WDS and what benefits do you think WDS membership provides for residents/young physicians? As a resident, I was nominated by Mary Maloney to be the resident member of the WDS board during her tenure as WDS president.  My year on the board was an incredible way to dive into this organization. I continued my involvement on the RYPC as a member and later chair. WDS membership allows resident and young physicians unprecedented mentorship opportunities.  The WDS feels more like a family than most professional organizations. Senior members are always thrilled to help out newer members through formal and informal mentorship channels; all you have t

Caring for our Transgender Patients

  Caring for our Transgender Patients Susan Massick, MD As dermatologists, we should strive to create an inclusive environment for patients regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. While progress has been made in embracing diversity and advocating for equity and inclusion, changing political landscapes and partisan politics may negatively impact access to care for underserved and vulnerable groups. Currently over 1.3 million Americans adults (0.5%) and 300,000 adolescents ages 13-17 (approximately 1.4% of the youth population) identify as transgender.¹ People who are receiving gender-affirming care may seek our dermatologic expertise to manage physiologic changes that will occur with hormonal therapy. The National Center for Transgender Equality just completed its largest transgender survey in December 2022 with results to be released in fall 2023. Based on 2015 data, however, the NCTE found that “One-third (33%) of those who saw a health care provider…reported hav