Rediscovering Your Passion: Lessons Learned in a Southern Garden

By Azeen Sadeghian, MD, FAAD My personal thoughts on gardening are that you become a gardener when you accidentally ruin more plants than your age, and hopefully along the way you learn how NOT to kill that plant. So, hello, my name is Azeen, and I am a gardener. Don’t ask me my age. Just know I have ruined enough plants to make me somebody’s great grandmother. I cannot translate that definition to anyone’s career, but my garden has put my own purposes and passions into perspective. I tried to grow many plants this past year and as a result, few things thrived. Yes, plants need water and attention, but they also need space and intentionality. Lara Casey, a once ambitious career woman, wrote a great book called Cultivate where she shares her experience gardening with cultivating her spirituality and purposeful intentionality. This parallel between gardening can also be made for our lives, professions, and passions. What kind of garden are you growing? What is your passion? I hope by rea

Bridging the Wellness Gap: The Development of a Resident and Faculty Led Wellness Committee

By Audrey Jacobsen, MD,  Lori Fiessinger, MD Discussion of physician wellness and strategies to prevent burnout is now more important than ever given the additional stressors of COVID-19. It is probably not surprising to members of the WDS that studies have shown women physicians are more likely to experience burnout than male physicians. Creating a culture of wellness in medicine has to start with making changes for our trainees. To this end, our academic dermatology department has created a Wellness Committee. The committee is a collaborative effort between residents and faculty. I’ll let our resident committee leader tell you more about what we are doing and how we started this important initiative below. We hope our ideas can be adopted broadly in the dermatology community. -  Lori Fiessinger, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

WDS Career Corner: Tips for Applying to a Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship

Special thanks to Michelle Oboite, current peds derm fellow at CHOP; Jennifer Mancuso, current peds derm fellow at UCSD, Dawn Eichenfield, current peds derm fellow at UCSD; Ingrid Polcari, Pediatric Dermatologist, University of Minnesota; and Jessica Sprague, Pediatric Dermatology Attending at UCSD  Why do a pediatric dermatology fellowship? If you want to stay in academics If you want more training in pediatrics If your institution didn’t have a lot of peds derm to begin with If you plan to see a lot of pediatric patients in your practice Pediatric dermatologists are in demand almost everywhere, particularly in academic institutions and large group practices, so it can be very marketable Many peds dermatologists will also see adult patients, you don’t have to do 100% peds Think about when you feel the most happy. If you feel the happiest in Pediatric Dermatology clinic, then maybe this is a career for you! What should I do if I’m interested in a peds derm fellowship? Talk to your ow

Young Physician Spotlight: Dr. A. Yasmine Kirkorian

By Dr. Sanna Ronkainen A. Yasmine Kirkorian, MD is an Associate Professor at George Washington University and is the Interim Chief of Dermatology at Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC. How did you become involved in the WDS and what benefits do you think WDS membership provides for residents/young physicians? I first heard about WDS from an attending in residency, and then later got involved through Dr. Alison Ehrlich when she was chair at GW and invited me to give a talk at a local WDS event. So I’ve been involved through the years, through mentorship from attending and colleagues. WDS has invaluable resources such as educational programming locally as well as nationally, which enhance the specialty. Additionally, WDS membership provides so many opportunities for residents such as lectures and mentorship scholarships that can be invaluable in establishing a niche and developing mentorship relationships. At what point did you decide that you wanted to do academics versu

How To Negotiate Your Next Job, Raise, or Kid’s Bedtime

By Samantha Schneider, MD When I finished training and started looking for my first “real” job, I knew that negotiating my contract would be part of the deal. I’ve never had to negotiate anything before and really had no idea what I was doing and just saying the word “negotiation” gave me palpitations. I did what any new graduate does and asked my mentors for advice. Fortunately for me, one of them recommended “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it” a book by Chris Voss. I bought the book to help with my job negotiation but it has completely changed how I see the majority of conversations in my life. Chris Voss is a former-FBI hostage negotiator who wrote this incredibly articulate, interesting, and helpful book on negotiation – with real life FBI hostage examples! He argues that almost everything in life is a negotiation from the obvious job contract to getting your toddler into bed. I wanted to share a few of the key points so that you too can negotia

Breastfeeding Awareness Month

By Dr. Alyx Rosen Aigen - WDS Social Media Committee August is national breastfeeding awareness month. We want to take this time to highlight a few key facts regarding breastfeeding. There are numerous benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and baby. Breast milk can provide the ideal nutrition for infants. It contains antibodies that help babies fight infections and has been shown to lower a baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies. There are also benefits for the breastfeeding mother including helping the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size, decease risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and it may lower the risk of osteoporosis. Every baby is unique and each mother’s experience with breastfeeding will have it’s own challenges but always remember that fed is best!  As dermatologists, we are often encountered with questions from the pregnant or lactating patient about the safety of common dermatologic topical and systemic (oral/IV) medications. In 2013, WDS member and Co-Editor

Special COVID Young Physician Newsbrief Features

Read featured COVID articles from the WDS Resident Fellow and Young Physicians Committee. Avoiding Burnout During the Pandemic Tips for Running Your Practice During COVID-19 Stories from the Frontline Avoiding Burnout During the Pandemic:  Interviews by Dr. Shari Lipner Dr. Neelam Khan, then a 3rd year dermatology resident at SUNY Downstate, volunteered to care for COVID-19 patients during March 2020, and was redeployed to the COVID-19 wards in April 2020. She related that she worked on a pediatric floor that was cleared out and converted to an adult COVID-19 adult ward. Downstate was vastly under sourced, treatment approaches were not working, and patients were dying daily. She worked long hours and found the experience stressful. Participating in WDS virtual networking events and speaking to other WDS members was one important way that she coped with her experiences. She reported that this time on the wards was the most valuable experience of her life. When I asked her about her feel